KIMA:NYC and Caravan Stylist Studio consists of a full-fledged collaborative team that houses dedicated, talented, and industrious individuals that encompass New York City’s most demanding creative fields: Beauty, Fashion, Design and Photography. We work together to create the perfect image for our clients, ranging from one-of-a-kind celebrity press photos, individual headshots, designer lookbook creation, or even special NYC projects involving exclusive event space.

By consistently following through with the highest demands from our PR clients, we have evolved to become a highly organized, efficient and effective team, which opened the doors to the studio being exclusively involved with The Carlton Hotel, NYC. Our location embeds us within one of New York City’s exclusive “themed suite” hotels, enabling us to continually create unique looks for our clients and events.

Jackie Cruz - Orange is the New Black

Jackie Cruz | Orange is the New Black | Netflix Original Series 

apowell_kimanycAndrea Powell | Ender’s Game | Summit Entertainment

We are committed to each client session with us being first and foremost, a comfortable, productive and fun experience. Headshot and PR clients also benefit from our full-time hair/make-up and beauty staff that can cater to their individual needs and any post-process effort is completely personalized. Additional boutique services, such as retouching photo work, can also be purchased and packaged separately. Contact us for more details or plan your next shoot with us today!


Bonnie Dennison | Actress (NCIS, Wake Up Call, Guiding Light)

For direct KIMA:NYC photography-related questions, including retouch work and photography partners, please contact:

E-Mail: king@kimanyc.com
Tel: 1.347.829.7902

For Caravan Stylist Studio styling, beauty and special project inquiries, and appointments, please contact:

E-Mail: claudine@caravanstyliststudio.com
Tel: 1.917.902.9691